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Occupy Wall Street New Years Protest and March #OWS #NYE

savethesoulfish: It really gives me hope that Occupy is staying active even after most of the camps have been raided by police. I got a text from Occupy Boston this morning :)

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People are dancing at Occupy Boston!!! I wish I could be there so much!! 

Occupy Boston has posted links for various live streams that will be on throughout the night (hopefully): http://www.occupyboston.org/2011/12/08/list-live-feeds/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Also the Occupy Boston twitter is a good place to hear what’s going on: http://twitter.com/occupy_boston

I hope everyone who’s at Dewy tonight stays safe and strong. 


Occupy Boston is probably going to be raided tonight. Mayor Menino issued a midnight eviction deadline. I really want to go down there and stand in solidarity with them. Occupy is a brilliant community. They’re filled with life and hope, and I believe they’re responsible for creating a space for dialogue and contemplation on the possibility and need for change. Unfortunately I have my Arabic final tomorrow morning, and I don’t know if I’d be willing to risk getting arrested anyway. I’ll be furiously checking up on Occupy all night though, and I’ll most certainly be there in spirit. 


This afternoon the injunction shielding Occupy Boston from getting raided was lifted. This doesn’t necessarily mean the police will move in, but there’s a good chance they could. There’s an emergency general assembly at 7, and I’m going with some friends. They usually give the protesters a warning before they start making arrests, but the situation could still get really serious really fast. So to sum that up: I have no idea what I could be getting myself into tonight, but I believe that if you think something is worth believing you should think its worth standing up for. 

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